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Hello, Mrs. C.
I’m sorry to see you feeling this way to do, not a very pleasant way to go through your day.

First let me address the fact that you lost 50 pounds in two months. Personally, I don’t think there is a problem with this. Is it normal? No, of course not, and the reason is that probably 99% of the people who want to lose weight can’t because they’re either on the wrong diet or they cheat on their diet. My guess is, they’re almost always on the wrong diet. I didn’t need to lose more than 5 to 10 pounds at the very most when I went on the strict diet, but managed to lose 32 pounds while on the diet. When you need to lose weight, you’ll lose more and you’ll probably lose it quicker, especially in the beginning.

The truth is, if a person has no medical problem which causes them to gain weight, then the weight is put on by eating more calories than your body is burning, and nothing else These excess calories normally come from sugar, carbohydrates, and believe it or not, meat. You eliminated all three of these when you went on the diet. (Statistics show that if a person eats red meat on a daily basis, and removes nothing but this meat completely from his diet, he will lose weight unless he replaces the meat with carbohydrates or sugar.)

So I believe your experience would be the normal experience for anyone who was overweight and went on this diet.

I feel I’m at a point in my treatment where I need to understand why Candida happened to me. Which of my bodys systems were at fault, and how did it happen?

If this is something you’ve never managed to figure out, it should prove interesting if you can do it.

Looking at your normal habits before you ever contracted your Candida overgrowth should give you a few clues.
Factors like:

What was your normal daily diet like, and how long had you been eating this way?
What was your health like before the infestation?
What medications had you been taking off and on including antibiotics?
Had you ever been on birth control pills and if so, for how long?

Please don’t allow doctors to determine the mood of your day.