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These excess calories normally come from sugar, carbohydrates, and believe it or not, meat. You eliminated all three of these when you went on the diet.

Actually, the way I came to the diet I had been sugar free and low carb for a while. The doctor I was seeing before starting the forums diet put me on an Atkins diet. So yes, cutting out meat and cheese is certainly going to do something, but it took almost 6 months. I had to stop following the diet in August when I moved overseas, but that didn’t mean I was eating badly, just not strict. I suspect that my body had to rid itself of a certain amount of candida before it was going to loose weight.

What was your normal daily diet like, and how long had you been eating this way?
What was your health like before the infestation?
What medications had you been taking off and on including antibiotics?
Had you ever been on birth control pills and if so, for how long?

I’m constantly asking these questions to myself.

Diet: I have always considered myself to be a healthy eater. I come from overweight parents, so I’ve always been hyper aware of diet. That being said, I was a vegetarian most of my life (ages 15-30) Im sure this lead to increased carb intake. However I’ve always fought my sweet tooth, I have pretty good will power and my mothers a type 2 diabetic so I have been fearful of eating too much sugar my whole life.

Health: I remember my mother giving me vagisil for vaginal itching around age 5. I had my tonsils out at age 4, so that could be something. In my teens I had problems sleeping, dry inflamed skin, and depression then as I hit my 20’s a constant yeast infection that lasted a decade. So I don’t ever remember a time of good health.

I also have a LOT of metal fillings from the 80’s probably about 9, so this is concerning to me.

Medications… I have never used antibiotics excessively. I have used prescription strength Motrin, way too much. I remember taking my dads prescription in high school, for every little ailment. So I can figure I made some nice holes in my digestive tract back in my teens.

Never been on birth control.
(Able, I received your message, thanks for reaching out. I’ll reply soon.)

Alex, yes I agree. I saw someone in Portland that did something similar and he prescribed me homeopathics which did nothing. There are so many quacks treating candida, it makes me mad to think that people are spending money they don’t even have hoping to find a cure or even some improvement and these doctors are too pompous to admit that they do not know for sure that what they are prescribing will work.

I would look for a holistic naturopathic doctor.

Things are really a lot different here then they are in the states. I don’t think it’s possible to find a naturopathic doctor locally who will be able to help. Also, there’s my history with doctors, every time I see a new one they want to take me back to something I’ve already tried and I know won’t work. With the cultural difference, it’s hard. You have to believe me when I tell you that any doctor I see in this country will not want to hear my input. Because they are the doctor and I’m the patient, I’m expected to keep quite and do what they tell me to.

I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t use the internet. How is it possible for a doctor to stay informed on the latest tests and studies if he’s not online?
Is there such a thing as a non holistic naturopathic doctor? I assumed naturopathic meant holistic approach.

Right now I’m thinking of seeing Cheesy’s lab tech in York, or possibly searching out a Candida specialist in London. I just want to get these tests done.