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Also others who are cured why are u not on a stage 3 diet?

Hello, Hope.
I’m on stage 3 and I guess I assumed that Raster was as well. Plus I know of several members who are doing the same diet as I am, but of course they no longer post on the forum because they consider themselves cured and most people are pretty sick of the forum after being here for that long.

Maybe you’re talking about the average American diet which can help to cause a Candida infestation instead of the stage 3 part of the strict diet. Do you understand what stage 3 on the strict diet is? It’s nothing more than a “healthy lifestyle and diet.” Normally, a healthy diet means limited animal protein, extremely low sugar amounts, and limited simple carbohydrates. This is the diet I’ve been on for a long time now. This post was last updated in June, 2012, but I’m still pretty close to the same diet other than adding sweet potatoes several times a week to my diet. I no longer take any type an actual antifungal, but I use coconut oil for general health maintenance since it has so many benefits, and eat Brussels sprouts, which I love, once or twice a week. I no longer eat rutabaga because apparently I became burned out on it during the treatment.

Arijana is right about it being a choice; that’s because we’ve been through hell, and if you manage to escape ‘hell’ you’ll do anything to avoid any chance of going back.

molybdenum 500 a day

You can raise that amount to 750 mcg a day and it usually makes a difference, and you need to be drinking Nettle Leaf tea every day if you’re not already doing so.

Are you taking the herb Ashwagandha at three capsules a day? This is the best natural stress relief I tried.

What I want 2 do is just eat healthy meaning a stage one diet but with brown rice pasta/ cheese / apple’s / low sugar fruits / almond butter / multigrain or sourdough bread / coconut wraps / and maybe for sweets dark chocolate or carob once a wk or less.

I could see this diet ‘possibly’ allowing you to make some amount of progress with the treatment if not for the fruit and multigrain bread. To be honest, I don’t know what sourdough bread or coconut wraps are, but if they’re made from wheat flour, they’ll have the same effect as the multigrain will.
The fructose (fruit) is going to jeopardize your treatment as well as the multigrains because multigrains contain gluten. But if you’re aware of these facts, at least you’re going into your version of the diet with your eyes open.

Your stress level would probably drop a few degrees at least if not for the die-off symptoms; I know this from my own experience. Try leaving the rutabaga and garlic completely out of your diet and eat only a half serving of Brussels sprouts a day.

Leave the coconut oil at 3 teaspoons and don’t try to raise it.
In all honesty, it’s a lot better for you to stop all antifungals instead of feeding the Candida every day. But if you lower these amounts I’ve mentioned, and add another 250 mcg of Molybdenum, the die-off level should drop as well as your stress level.

As far as the diet that you suggested is concerned; I’ll continue to support you in any way I can regardless of the diet you’re using.