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Hope, please know that I am praying for you. I’m rather new here but I’ve been reading of your difficulties and I admire you for carrying on with your duties and your diet as best as you can. The only advice I may offer to is to trick your brain by telling yourself what a treat is. For example, I use coconut bread as a treat; I eat it as dessert. Kefir is a treat for me. I strained some and made “laban” (the solid part of the kefir) and boy, to me it tasted like ice cream. If I’m feeling really hungry and want a treat/and want to cheat, I eat another boiled egg (I figured out how to make them just right for me). For crunchy/snacky urges, I eat sliced cucumber. Eventually I’m so full I don’t think about how other foods would taste good. I also fill up totally before we go out to eat, since I sit and watch the others eat.

I hope this helps you, but if not, do know that you are in my prayers.