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I’m just pretty used to weird bread as I’ve been gluten free for years now. I mean the thing is, a lot of stuff you just have to kind of…deal with it. Like you can’t expect the same kind of instant gratification you get from things that are engineered to give you instant gratification.

I don’t think your new plan will cure you, at best it will just keep you in a bit of a stasis of your current condition until you can really focus on taking care of the problem 100%, at worst it will continue to get worse. You really need to commit and get through the first sucky few weeks.

I think that getting some help for the emotional eating and food addiction would REALLY benefit you in so many ways. There are even online meetings in chat rooms or meetings over the phone that you can call in to. If you want, I will even “go” to one with you! Check out the links I posted the other day.