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CaliCandidaHelp;29395 wrote: My main questions are:

What food is it ok for me to eat while im on this diet?

Reply: We have a strict diet that the forum uses along with our protocol. If you’d like to have a copy of it, send a private message to me on the forum.

Is rice or cooked eggs are ok? Please let me know if you know of something easy to make?

Reply: Organic eggs should be eaten, but you should avoid all forms of rice as it is pure starch will turn into sugar and feed the Candida once it is in your body.

Is it ok for me to drink coffee? (at least a little bit)

Reply: No, you should avoid all types of caffeine and drink chicory coffee instead. Be sure that it’s 100% chicory with nothing added to it.
Don’t stop drinking coffee all at one time. You should wean yourself off of it by making it weaker every few days which will probably take several weeks to accomplish. You can start substituting chicory coffee in place of your regular coffee. Bad headaches are a symptom of caffeine withdrawal, so take it slowly.

I recently got a tiny pimple on the tip of my penis, pretty sure i had similar symptom long time ago but im not sure. I am worried that it can be a wart since i have one im treating om my foot. I been putting some 91% rubbing alcohol to dry it up. Do i need to worry about that or do you think its just a candida? Is there anything i can do to make it less noticeable? (its not that noticeable but when i see it i start stressing about it and worrying)

Reply: Pimples that occur anywhere on the body during a Candida infestation are almost always due to the Candida itself. The only way to be certain that you stop the outbreaks is, unfortunately, to treat and cure the infestation.

Is there any other natural remedies i should consider? or any medication?

Reply: For a complete answer to this question you will need to read our protocol as it covers everything. The Protocol

I know it sounds dumb but when is the soonest i would be able to have an alcoholic beverage without jeopardizing my Candida treatment? ( I really hope i can have few drink this New years Eve)

Reply: You’ll be better off if you just stop thinking about alcohol, because it takes an awfully long time to rid the body completely of a Candida infestation. Chance are, every time you drink any amount of alcohol, you will set your treatment back substantially; I’ve seen this happen too many times to think otherwise.

Is it safe for me to have sex with condom or without condom when my symptoms go away?

Reply: Always use a condom during your infestation, that is if you care anything at all about your partner.

Any other good advice you may have?

Reply: Yes, read and study the protocol and ask me for the strict diet information.