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Get rid of the brown rice, that is feeding the candida. Buy quinoa to replace it. It cooks up like rice and can be used like rice for stir fries or whatever rice dish you are now making.

The beef is bad for the diet this early but if your going to to eat it anyways make sure it is organic with nothing added. I have been a huge meat and bread eater all my life and that’s been the hardest. But I have made do with BBQ Cornish game hens and chicken. You can make sausage with the dark meat of the chicken and that helps with meat cravings. I can find cheap whole young chicken at most of the grocery stores with no harmones, free range at around 6 bucks here in Washington. I get a couple of those a week and make gravy, stock and meals.

The almond milk if store bought and name brand is most likely feeding the candida. It should have nothing added. I can’t find that in the stores so I do not use it. I have gotten use to kefir milk and make dessert and drinks with that instead.