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Hi Sarah, I just finished reading your story and it souunds like you have had it for quite a while and the symptoms pretty bad. So i would definitely recommend that you do not break the diet. Not even once!

Also something to be aware of is that the probiotics work on putting good bacteria into you intestines lining and building it up whereas when we are cleansing with all the detox items etc. this works to flush our system out and just get rid of everything! So if you do it in reverse or these two things at the same time it can actually be quite confusing for our body and work agaisnt us. Becase we have both had it for probably quite a few years i think it will take longer to clease (i noticed this when i went to take the probiotics but the symptoms were still perserveering)so now i have decided to focus on cleansing until most of my symptoms have gone away (rashes) before i move onto taking probiotics otherwise i think it is just a waste of money! Also when i get back to my home town i am going to look into colonics. My aunt told me this would really help. Let me know what you think and how you are going!