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Jman310 wrote: I choose not to go out at times because i’m embarrassed, and I know I would have no anxiety if this condition wasn’t in me.

Yes I find myself avoiding situations too, it can be so frustrating because something I normally would enjoy becomes horrible. For example, I now never go to the cinema, I can’t stand being so close to people and them holding their noses, coughing, glaring etc. It even affects silly everyday things such as where to sit on the bus. I can’t sit on a bus without a newspaper to read so that I don’t have to make eye contact with anyone and an ipod so that I don’t have to listen to anyone muttering or laughing about the smell.

Thanks for the sit up tip, I haven’t been doing any exercise at all lately so this could be something that might help.

You don’t need to do the clense if it is too difficult. I didn’t do it, I just went straight onto the diet. The diet is not too difficult after the first couple of weeks. I find it helpful to list in advance the meals I would like to have for the week and make sure I get all the ingredients for that week then I won’t be tempted to try anything I shouldn’t eat.