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Jman310 wrote: Ok so i’ll make this brief:gas would kind of escape me…

Hi, I suffer from exactly the same problem of ‘leaky gas.’ I hope you are getting some Psychological support for your depression! I know how difficult this problem is to experience in everyday life and how every minute of the day is consumed by it and what it feels like to be humiliated everyday. It feels like my life has been on hold for the last 2 years of suffering with it.

I feel anxiety may have a part to play in it, but I do not feel that it is the sole cause. I feel there is also a physical internal problem that underlies it. I went to hypnotherapy for several months and this helped reduce my anxiety over it, but this did not improve the FBO (fecal body odour) problem. I have also tried food intolerance diets (found I was sensitive to fructose, but still my FBO continued), FOD-MAP diet, supplements such as charcoal.

While there is no formal research in this area because the condition is so rare I believe that it could be a candida problem. A small charity has conducted an informal research study to investigate. The results indicate that gut dysbiosis may play a role i.e. candida.

Some people in the charity also believe that the condition may be linked to a deficiency in a methionine adenosyltransferase enzyme. They belief that several conditions have to exist i.e. a gut dysbiosis and perhaps a defieciency in this enzyme, so when you have gut dysbiosis it overloads the enzyme and so cannot cope resulting in the gas. Additionally it may be linked to the TMAU syndrome (fish odor syndrome). There could be a deficiency in the FM03 enzyme.

If you want to find out more, get more support or participate in the research studies go here:

Also a very informative blog:

Also there are people who post on the IBS forum:

Most importantly there have been people if you read the testimonies on the website who have cured there FBO (fecal body odour) with a candida diet, so you are going in the right direction! Sorry I cannot find the link to the testimonies at the moment but I will see if I can try and find it.

I haven’t yet had any improvements in my FBO by using the candida diet for two months, but I feel the process will be slow going so just keep going!