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To save your money and time, the best thing you can do is go straight to a dedicated anticandida treatment. Believe in me, I developed wheat allergy too and all what you have reported. I have been 4 years in these candida forums. All who have time battling it and post in candida forums know me. I have done a lot to recover my health and to help others to find the right path.

I have posted here and in Curezone long posts explaining the tests and what is the most precise and bla bla bla.

Save that money and time…!! You gonna see the results one time you concentrate in eliminating the fungus.
Anyway, if you still want the tests, Genova Lab Candida Immune Complexes in blood and any Allergist Candida Albicans Delayed Sensitivity Test is what you need. Any of them is enough.



I appreciate the advice and information. I will continue with the protocol and when I have some extra time/money I will get the tests done.

Thanks for your updates as well, keep me posted.