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Danny33;37329 wrote: I received my Candida blood results today along with a few other things.

Name Value Reference Range
Candida Ab IgG 0.7 <9.0
Candida Ab IgA 1.2 <9.0
Candida Ab IgM 2.0 <9.0
Result: Negative
Received Date: 02/27/2013

According to my blood everything is normal. Although testing negative should be a relief I am confused as well. My allergy scratch test tested positive for 30+ allergies (Food and Environmental). Also it looks like I’m allergic/Sensitive to wheat, see below.

Name Value Reference Range
Wheat (Gf4) IgG 12.8 LESS THAN 2.0 mcg/mL
Result: Wheat ” SENSITIVITY” Testing from 2-22-12 is Indeed POSITIVE!
Received Date: 02/27/2013

Could this possibly mean that candida is not really my problem?
Has anybody else tested low/negative as well?
Is the candida blood test the most accurate?
Should I look at getting tested for something else like SIBO?

A quick note about my symptoms:
-4 years ago I took 4 broad spectrum anti-biotics almost everyday for a 2-3 month period for prosatitis
– weeks and months after the anti-biotics I developed sever allergies and digestive issues
-Constipation, Dandruff, Brain fog, Stomach cramps, chemical/fragrance sensitivity, Allergies, ear infections, mild white tongue, and now facial rash.
-I took “fungal-defense” by “garden of life” December of last year and had absolutely horrible head-aches & fatigue so I stopped after a few days. This is the ONLY anti-fungal supplement I have ever taken (excluding natural like garlic and coconut oil to cook with)

Any input would be appreciated, sorry its so long.
thanks for reading!!!

Those results don’t say anything regarding to a mucosal fungal overgrowth. The humoral immune response is almost no implicated when a mucosal overgrowth occur. You need a test that looks for immune complexes in blood or a delayed sensitivity skin test.

I hope this help.