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Thomas – thanks for your kind words and for the ongoing support. Doesn’t it feel great to have people on here that no only understand but are going through the same thing?! Superb news about the chicken… but do you think you should try a little bit before Christmas in case you have a reaction? I don’t want to burst your bubble but just in case?

Raster – Too much energy?!! That’s so funny… what a complaint to have! Enjoy it while it lasts! I DONT have that complaint today but its probably because I was up 6 times in the night to children with nasty head colds!

Jackie – thanks for your positive respone. A cult, yeh right! What an idiot. I really was amazed by my docs response because she’s an alternative/ homeopathic doctor as well as a medical general practitioner. and the really funny thing was later in the discussion when we were discussing the symptoms I used ( repeat USED yay!!) to have she said “if you said that to your regular doctor he’d tell you it was all in your head”!. What a contradiction!

Have a great day guys!!