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Thanks for the tips!

Based on your description I really do not think had that much die off effect then. It is not fatique really, she just has breakouts on the skin that get very red and make her itch like crazy. She always takes a regular nap each day for over 2 hours, but this has always been. If she does get a die off fatigue I will have some extra molybdenum around.

@raster: I am not sure what is meant by a “western” doctor but our doctor we currently see (by skype) is a bit of a naturopath, he prescribes vibrational remedys and the like. He is not very good at paying attention to the specifics of our child individually though, he seems to prescribe from his favorites (in his online store mostly) and is sort of arrogant in my opinion. 🙁

I will certainly look at the acid you mentioned. We currently make a cream out of Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Jajoba oil, and Bees Wax. It was a home made dry skin remedy a friend gave us.

Tonight my wife came home and her support group all complained about the water kefir we have been brewing, saying it makes kids irratable, have acne, or generally causes problems. It is brewed with tubinado sugar and molassas. So dairy kefir seems the way to go then?

We are going to replace with Natren Healthy Trinty for the time being.

She eats some green veggies, she does eat red meat as much as we can for protein, she eats rice and potatoes as much as we can…. 🙁 We have to work on that. I have been certain of late we are simply not doing a good job on the sugar front. My half day reading websites has confirmed this. I have just this week declared war on the Candida.

I ordered a list of things from this week that my Mom’s nutritial healing guide recommended.

1 probiotic (Natren)
2 Caprylic Acid
3 Black Currant and Flax Seed oil fatty acids.
4 Garlic (kyolic)
5 Quercitin and bromilain with Vitamin C
6 Vitamin B complex
7 Calcium/magnesium/Vitamin D
8 Grapefruit seed extract
9 Aloe Vera fillet juice

We are also considering getting some kind of enzyme product called Candidase which kills Candida and cleans up the die off with two types of enzymes.

Is there any harm in taking all these products at the same time. We were thinking to take only one verfied “Candida killer” at one time, but give her all the vitamins and natural food stuff.