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Please don’t give your child Candidase. You really need to do more research before you make an entire list of supplements and vitamins for her. Learn to read ingredients in more detail than you’ve ever done before, this will be imperative for her cure.

Well, between my wife and I we are doing research independently, we don’t always see eye to eye. I travel frequently and and don’t cook much. She and all three kids now eat gluten and dairy free, and bake at home frequently. We eat all natural.

We have already given our 2yr old Enzymedica digestive enzymes for several months now because we wanted to try to reduce the effects of irritable gut, etc. As far as we have been able to tell, she has allergic like outbreaks due to:

Corn and corn byproducts like maltodextrin
diary and cheeses
eggs (maybe)
nuts (maybe)
acidic fruits
preservatives and refined or highly processed foods.

We substitue flax, Teff flour, and other wacky things for the regular refined stuff. We cook only with imported EV Olive oil, coconut oil, and clarified butter.

Anyway, we removed a lot from her diet, but we have yet to really do a “Candida diet” at this point because all our doctor prescribed was Indian Fire Tree bark tea and artichoke extract for liver detox. I am starting to think that this doctor is a bit too one dimensional for our personal issues. He is very good at helping people isolate alergies and autistic issues through all natural remedy. We have not gotten sick in the house for nearly a year now!

When breaking down the enzymes in the Candida cell walls only part of the Candida cells are destroyed by the enzymes, and the resulting sugars will simply feed the surviving Candida. The other big problem again is that Candida is kept in control by the acids formed as the beneficial intestinal flora ferment fibers.

With the enzymes she gets, my wife gives her a whole capsule. To me this seemed excessive, but as far as we knew there are no side effects. My concern was that it was simply overkill to give a whole capsule to a 2 yr old when that dosage supposedly digests an entire meal for an adult. I didn’t realize that the enzymes turned cellulose into sugar. We will rethink this.

Aloe Vera: This was listed in the book as providing a boost to the immune system by increasing white blood cells naturally. It also contains medium chain fatty acids, that are apparently good at fighting Candida. Why would healthy fats and fatty acids do anything bad. I specifically avoided the “whole plant” juice because of toxicity concerns, but are there also concerns with toxicity for the fillet (pulp) juice alone?

I read that Garlic is an antifungal by the same token because it boosts white blood cells ability to fight.

B-Vitamins. The B complex was a cheaper brand with a large capsule of typical “energy” blend of B vitamins, such as cyanocobalamin, Niacin, Flolic acid…. – it is made by Enzymatic I think. I realize this isn’t the best B, or even the whole B complex, but the idea was to simply add a partial capsule for a small boost. We give our oldest daughter who had speech delays methylcobalimin, which the doc says is the real deal(costs much more) We also give her just a little of the Standard Process brand name “Cataplex B” because they claim that they provide the entire B complex from bovine liver extract. We planned to wait on the Cataplex B for the 2yr old until we had arrived at an agreed up on list, again, cost $$$ concerns.

(Ultimately we have decided that there is no ceiling on the budget for the supplements if we find out they are critical, but we certainly are not made of money.)

Grapefruit extract: Well, the plan is to currently rotate any of the potent Candida killer/antifungals, such as Grapefruit. Is two weeks a good rule of thumb for antifungal courses or is this more specific to grapefruit seed?

Thank you so much for all your help. Sometimes I feel like we are just stabbing in the dark!