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Good evening.

By now you probably know that the Enzymedica digestive enzymes contain cellulase.

Is the Enzymatic B Complex specifically for children? If you will, you can post the link to the exact one she is taking.

Quote: “Well, the plan is to currently rotate any of the potent Candida killer/antifungals, such as Grapefruit. Is two weeks a good rule of thumb for antifungal courses or is this more specific to grapefruit seed?”

Reply: Yes, I suppose so, I just wouldn’t expect much from the GSE. I’d rather see you give her garlic pills or real garlic instead of the GSE. You could also give her organic coconut oil as it’s a fine antifungal and will also help to change the environment of the digestive system so that it’s less hospitable to the Candida infestation.