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how can you “know” you are deficient in anything for that matter. It is difficult to proove such things with such a complex machine as the human body.

I will say, I am certainly no expert in vitamins, but B6 seems to be an important one in neurotransmiter production.

I have read a little bit of literature on Standard Process’ products and all I know is that they produce their vitamins directly from whole food products, so if a vitamin were to be a good thing, that would be a the best way to get a good thing.

Notice the very low dosages they provide, compared to the other B vitamin complexes out there. Below 100% in some of the vitamins.

I can sense that you are a pure skeptic when it comes to vitamins, but in this case, I just cannot see the harm. B6 is a good thing, and so is beef. I can eat too much of both, and as long as I am not toxic, what is the harm? Perhaps I am difficient in B6, and taking some will help. Perhaps I am deficient in iron and protein, so I eat some beef.

Lastly, B6 is a nutrient that is used in various parts of the body. Each vitamin is unique it would seem. So take the parts you think are beneficial.

An example:
My car needs flueds to operate properly. Gas. Oil. Antifreeze. brake fluid. Transmission fluid. Must I change all these at the same time if my car has a problem? No. If I give my car too much of one of these, I can do harm. If not enough, perhaps a lot of harm.

If the body has a problem with regulation of a particular part, and that part is one that uses a vitamin, or the component of a vitamin, then it seems reasonable that taking that part of the vitamin might give you a boost. When you take too much of that you can deplete your reserves of the other parts of the vitamin, as you your body must process everything you put in, somehow. This is why many people experience a temporary lift from vitamins for a few days or weeks, and then the vitamin usually does very little for them. They have depleted their reserves, if they had any, of the other nutrients in the body that are required to bind to, combine with, or eliminate that part of the vitamin. Taking small doses of the most important parts and effective parts of the nutrients you need seems to be a reasonable approach don’t you think?