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A lot of these are good basic supplements we recommend to get over candida. There are other product lines by other brands that treat candida including thorne, integrative thereaputics, standard process, genestra, and pure encapsulations.

vitalize: antifungal and other supplements (multi product) (contains biotin which is mentioned in the vitamin post)
citricidal: grape fruit seed extract (antifungal)
vitamin D: mentioned on our vitamins post (you need other vitamins as well)
glutagenics: multi leaky gut supplement (contains glutamine)
zinc: mentioned in our vitamins post (you need other ones as well)

Melatonin: good for sleeping. Should not take it long term because it will become ineffective over time and it can lead to an unbalance with hormones.

Her overall analysis is pretty right on. You have a toxic overload of the body and slight candida overgrowth. This is likely caused by gmo foods so thats why she recommend organic. Nutritional deficiencies are also part of the problem.

I would avoid oats as much as possible but continue with oat bran. Even if the oats a gluten free. Carrots should not be consumed in high quantities and will ferment in the gut and contain high levels of sugar.

We’ve mentioned kefir over and over on the forum.

I’ve also mentioned digestive enzymes over and over; a good alternative would be to take bitters which causes the body to produce its own enzymes naturally.

Ginseng is another leaky gut supplement.

One thing she did not mention is (fermented) cod liver oil which reduces the inflammation of the gut. This needs to be another long term goal with the diet.

You need to reduce the stress on the body and you are stressing the body by working out.