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I consumed more meat than was suggested on the diet (although avoided beef & still have not eaten pork since), and from 6 months in had the odd curry with lentils (using buckwheat instead of rice).

I didn’t find the diet too much of a problem as I consider it to be healthy, and before I started I would eat a low carb diet only consuming high carbs around exercise (often maltodextrin for recovery – although now I will never knowingly consume it or any other PWO junk that is readily sold).

I never had clear cut candida symptoms though, nothing like white tongue or anything like that.

My symptoms manifested in chronic spells of dizziness and were always after spells of eating too much sugar or alcohol, &/or higher levels of stress. It took 3 bad attacks (that put me off work for anything from 2-6 weeks) in 2 years for me to realise it was related to the stomach.

Perhaps leaky gut was the biggest problem for me. As a child I had 3 asthma attacks that left me in intensive care, as a consequence the doctors used to give me antibiotics for absolutely anything & always tried to push the flu jabs on me, and it only took till my late twenties to realise how damaging this was for my health. I used to take NSAID’s for hangovers & any pain as well.