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emz333;42126 wrote: hey guys, i went to see ANOTHER naturopath yesterday who claimed to be a specialist in leaky gut. he could help me any more but anyway, he did a body coposition test and said my body is now using my muscles for protein and i really am waisting away. he also did a live blood analysis which was teally interesting. my bloods in bad shape like me. anyway he said im doing everything right, but for my body to heal properly i need protein. this is a problem as i cant tolerate any seeds, oils, meats. i will purchase some spriulina on monday. i think i might try organic lamb again just like 1 mouthful a week. what else would any one recommend? i take l’glutamine and slippery elm daily, with a couple days break a week so i dont become allergic. i eat only some green organic veg, thats it… this is so fucking hard.. and im covered in a full body rash.

Hi mate,
you can take gelatin in your drinks and can make jello. Gelatin is the best form of protein. It will help you. The ones from Great Lakes Gelatin are reccommendet.

all the best