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I totally understand what its like to try and recover from candida. Ive been working on it since 1999. I have no one to help support me through it financially, so have to work and cant go through heavy die off periods. I am now down to only being able to eat and digest a dozen foods, in part due to having gone on the extreme diet route too quickly. If I can suggest anything, it would be to go very very slow when you start anything new. There is no such thing as the ‘right’ diet….one guy will tell you this and the next guy will tell you something else. So, a slow elimination diet will help you to know which foods are candida triggers for you. Eliminate gluten, starches, sugar, yeast, maybe even eggs..and more as you go. Discover what the safe vegetables are for you. (I can’t do broccoli, potatoes, peppers, and others.) As you are eliminating foods, make sure youre collecting some good simple recipes so you wont get bored with the foods you are left with. Make sure to make big batches of healthy soup to keep in the freezer for when you are not feeling up to cooking. Be prepared as best you can.

Be very very careful with supplements too. What works for one, may not be right for you. Intense die off symptoms can wreak havoc on your liver and other body systems and you will crash. And when you stop them, what candida remains is likely to morph and fight back, so there is often no real resolution and you will be left depleted and feeling defeated.

I can honestly say that I dont have the answers. But I have discovered that you have to work on eliminating candida biofilms or no matter what you are doing, the potential for future flares remains. there are some excellent products on the market now, but you may have to go slow with them as well due to die off. And make sure to check the ingredients in probiotics. Magnesium is a no no. Rice, maltodextrin, any form of dairy…not good for candida sufferers.

Go slow, be patient and try not to resort to taking things that create more stress to the body mind. You and your daughter will become too run down to find balance, which weakens the immune system and strengthens candida.

Blessings to you.