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Talk about being between a rock and a hard place . . .

Re: rastor, I see that your DHA supplement is made from algae. That just won’t do for me as any mold/algae connection will be a disaster fer sure. Any other thoughts? Do lymph massage and have had cranio-sacral work that might also help CSF.

Re: impossible, wow, some good news for once. And therein the quandary lies as with my strict Candida diet, I eat a ton of leafy green veggies, cauliflower, and so on (low carb veggies). So veggies but without fruit and grains (mold in most grains and any simple carbs trigger seizures), that only leaves chicken, limited beef, local pork, turkey, and wild caught fish. I do a lot of coconut, avocado, red palm, and olive oil (in order of descending amounts) plus limited, roasted almonds & cashews.

The molybdenum supps I’ve found have protease in them and I have been unable to tolerate p. in any amount for years, even now with h. pylori cleared up. Guess that leaves yucca root and the cbs protocol. How do I find out about the cbs protocol?

NB Wellness has a screening process for seeing Dr. Boggess beginning with paperwork, free 10-minute phone call with the Dr., more paperwork & a total of $125 in deposits, then they will schedule a 2-3 hour appointment. My phone call is in about 2 weeks. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Will look up the mthfrsupport panel. Take care all, :J