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Brief update and will sign off for awhile: Initial phone consults with Dr. Boggess (nutrigenomocs) and Dr. Berry (biotoxin illness) from NB Wellness were very encouraging. It will be another long road to health but finally I think this is the correct road! More testing is to come (kits in hand already!) before a big day at the clinic in March. My husband and I will be busy with more labs for me @ a special Quest lab near the clinic then the extensive initial patient visit with Dr. B. I’m just hanging on until I can get there! I’ve had no relief in seizure attacks despite the ongoing dietary changes (Candida, mold-free, low sulphur, and now low omega 3 too). If I add anything back, I now react to that! Thank the Lord there is hope. I blog at: if anyone is interested. Take care all and thank you for helping me! :J