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For stage 2 items, I would consider the following:

1)potato 1-2x per week (keep serving size small)
2)carrots and tomatoes occasionally (or in small amounts)
3)almond butter and rice cakes (get freshly made almond butter or make it yourself)
4)rice 2-3x per week (rotate between black and red rice, buckwheat); black and red rice are a lot more healthier than brown or white rice and you shouldn’t be allergic because you may not have had these types of rice in your lifetime
5)oat bran (bob’s red mill brand if possible) 3x per week
6)pumpkin (make the pumpkin pie muffin bread)
7)more fruit (avoid the high sugar ones such as banana and pineapple or eat in low amounts)

Of course, only use these foods as test items and if you receive a bad reaction, save for another month and try again. After the 4 month mark, I tried potatoes, rice, etc and still reacted to it…at the 6 month mark I did not.

After about 2 months on the diet, I felt about as good as you do probably. However, I also thought I was at the 90%+ recovery mark as far as killing the overgrowth. The problem with this fact is that I actually was not as recovered at that moment in time as I thought I was and only after 4 months on the diet did I feel that way. So what I am trying to say is that even though you think you are 90% better, you may actually only be 80% better and there is still room for progress…