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Vegan Catlady
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Adah;54924 wrote: I have eaten organic clean whole foods no wheat little sugar nothing processed for decades prior to my “troubles”.
And no, I do not lightly accept or take medications prescribed by anyone.
Anything else you’d like to say to demean me and others in order to obviously uplift yourself may be deleted before you “post”. I thank you for your concern. It is exactly this rabid knee-jerk response that “everything is candida” that is still alarming to me and if I can help just one person to slow down before drinking the kool-aid I will have done well.

Well heres what:

Candida is in everyone’s body. Saying you dont have candida is a lie. If your doctor told you this, it implies they are not as educated as you might believe.

Candida overgrowth is a symptom, not a disease. You probably can have candida overgrowth, just not to the extent as everyone else. Its possible.

Its a huge problem that most people experience, but they may never need to know they have experienced it if their body’s immune system handled it in a timely manner.

Its like cancer.
Many many people have or have had cancer. Your immune system does indeed handle it, unless your immune system or your genes express a vulnerability.

You make it sound as if a diagnosis of candida overgrowth is a catch-all for misdiagnosis.
That would be a mistake 🙂

The ONLY potential problem I can see happening on this forum is that people believe some doctor telling them that candida overgrowth only happens in very sick people.
Then those poor people take drugs because they went to many doctors and an ENT specialist, who prescribe them hundreds of dollars in DRUGS for a disease they dont have, because their problem was yeast and not GERD. That happened to me.

So, excuse me if I sound bitter, but doctors are the reason I am ill today, and seeing specialist-doctors are why I owe thousands of dollars. Turns out they were wrong. Turns out the protocol they gave me for diseases I never had made me even sicker.

Go figure.

Your post will meet with resistance, because many of us have already heard that
* candida doesnt exist
* you cant have candida overgrowth unless you have AIDS or hepatitis.
* you have GERD
* candida is just a made-up term for sales-people to take your money
* your dizziness is low blood sugar
* you have allergies
* I can go on and on

This is not to mention that many of us are seeing a naturopathic doctor now, who dont treat us like we are cray-cray.

Im so glad you dont have candida overgrowth.
It sucks, its real, and NO…most doctors do not even acknowledge it.
If you have it, and your “doctor” treats you for something else, it MAY GET WORSE.

Lets hope that doesnt happen, I dont wish it on anyone.