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Latka wrote: I was just prescribed antibiotics by my dentist. That’s going to be tough; I am mentally preparing myself for putting up with a swollen jaw and pain because there is no way I am taking those antibiotics. Been strugglinh to heal my Candida for over a year now, I’ve made some little progress and I am not going to risk losing all the good work I’ve done so far.

I’m thinking there must be other, natural, anti-inflammatory stuff I can take: ginger, garlic…

Anyone know other stuff, please let me know?

Latka, I feel for you. I could be (could be, since I don’t know yet) in a similar situation. I’ve heard you can use cloves or clove oil for healing toothache, but if it works for your problem, I really don’t know. Hopefully someone else can help you with this question!

Does anyone got an answer to what you’re supposed to do if you need antibiotics, but have candida?