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Well I didn’t mean to cause an uproar but I have been warring with myself since he first broke out. Once I found out his problem was yeast I started pouring myself into research about it but like I said there is no information on candida albicans and breastfeeding- only thrush and that is not our problem. I knew we both had yeast and it needed to be gotten rid of or killed off. I didn’t realize that it would take such a toll on my body and because of my lack of information sources, until reading this it never occurred to me that he is getting my die-off toxins as well. As of this moment, I will not continue breastfeeding. My poor son has not gone a day in his life (minus the first six weeks) where he has not scratched and itched profusely. As a mother, there is nothing worse than watching your baby suffer. I want him well and what is best for him, whether it be my milk or formula, is what I will do for him and now that I have new information, I feel he will definitely be better off with the formula. What is so frustrating is that even after almost an entire month of just formula he was still having new breakouts and was just as bad if not worse than when we were nursing full time. Maybe this was die off and I didn’t realize it? I decided to try breastfeeding again this last time because I did the cleanse and have been feeling very good and he had improved so much. I can tell my memory has improved, no brain fog, and tons more energy even with having two small children and limited sleep. I did not nurse my son last night after reading the somewhat harsh first response to my post because I have tortured myself as to whether or not breastfeeding was best anyways and will just quit completely once and for all. That being said, how do you help an infant get over their infestation while eating nothing but a tiny bit of food and formula that contains yeast feeding ingredients? I will continue the coconut oil, diet approved veggies, and probiotics. Is there anything else I can do to help him? I had to give him benadryl this morning he was itching so badly. I would also like to add that despite all of this we have been dealing with for months, my son has gained weight steadily (is actually huge for his age) and has an amazingly happy disposition.

As for myself, I am still experiencing rash on and off from time to time but am not sure if this is die off symptoms or what? I also have noticed that my scalp is so incredibly oily. It never looks clean no matter how I wash it and I haven’t changed anything in my wash routine. Maybe I should have done the cleanse longer? I feel like my body has gone completely crazy- even with my overgrowth, I haven’t had skin problems in the last few years. When I was a child I always had eczema, allergies and asthma and in my adult life endometriosis – all related to candida I’m sure. My children are pre-disposed for these things because it is rampant on my side and my husband’s. Which is why it is so important to me to learn as much as I can because I don’t want them suffering the things my husband and I have dealt with for years. Which is part of the reason I was so incredibly determined to breastfeed because it helps prevent allergies- but I realize now I may have made it worse now by giving him candida. I am at my wits end and just want to go find a wall to bang my head on.