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SueinOz;46315 wrote: I posted about doing the candida protocol and marathon training a while ago. Now I have to have eye surgery Tuesday next week and again in two weeks, so will be out of action for a month. Perfect time to start my detox.

I’m having trouble sourcing Molybdenum here in Australia. I do have a local supplier on E-Bay who has some Solgar and some of the discontinued Thorne picinolate.
Hey Abe, Are either of them OK, as they both have cellulose in the casing and don’t exactly say Amino acid chelate.
I can get both of these quickly and would order tomorrow if you think they are ok.
Orders from the US take a couple of weeks so this would be much quicker if I can do it.


The Solgar seems to be the “amino acid chelate” one so I will order that when i get home from work at lunch time.
Can’t see anything without cellulose. i suppose they all have that as a capsule ingredient.