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msmofish;45694 wrote: Hi All
It’s been a solid 6 weeks sticking w the diet & protocol

2 questions:
– I’m still taking molybdenum – when do I stop ?
I read in the protocol until symptoms subside which they have

– I keep seeing SF722 mentioned on the forum. I’ve never taken it – should I ?

My antifungals right now are: coconut oil, brussell sprouts, rutabaga

If you believe that the die-off toxins have ceased enough to stop taking the molybdenum, I would start cutting back on the dose by one pill every three days. If you feel the symptoms starting back (such as brain fog), go back to the original dosage.

A lot of people, including Raster, swear by SF722, but it’s completely up to you if you want to add it to your regimen, but continue to take coconut oil and continue to raise the amount even if you take the SF722. As I’ve pointed out before, coconut oil is tremendously beneficial because it’s not only a great antifungal, but it also benefits the environment of the intestines for the bacteria you’re trying to reestablish.