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Update: 4 to 7th of march.

I wanted to scream out to everyone that MMS works, is more powerful and kinder with die off effects than any anti fungal, and that the FDA is wrong. However, I am still a bit hesitant, as I am only just discovering what works for a candida sufferer as myself. Hold on, I think a victorious outcry is inevitable in the near future.

Ive been feeling pretty good the last 3 days. Not thanks to my diet and lifestyle though, which I choose to mess up for really pushing the capabilities of the MMS and simply because my discipline/inspiration is failing me. Even the less smoking part I didn’t make. I did have some exercise for the first time in weeks (rollerblading). But this was all thanks to a couple of servings of brown rice I had. Paleolithic diet a natural energy diet? My ass. I have been on it for 2 months and not once did I feel any better on it. Good old carbs is what I need.
Sidenote: I have been kinder to myself mentally lately. Thats a positive.

My protocol for the last 3 days has been this:
– 6 drops of MMS every 3 hours followed by a last serving of 3 drops 1,5 hours before sleeping. This means 6 servings a day, the first one being on an empty stomach.
– Probiotics and vitamin c at night right before sleeping. Especially the vitamin c is neccesary to take with an interval of at least 1,5 hours after the MMS, since it counters the function of MMS. MMS stays in the body for a maximum of 2 hours.
– The rest of the probiotics I take with the other supplements on a random part of the day.
– No yogurt. Never really went well.

Now for the fun part, the foods that I have been cheating with the last 3 days.
– 3 full servings of brown rice (havent had brown rice in 2 months)
– tomato puree, tomatoes,
– white cashew butter and almond paste late night binges (seriously a lot)
– late night snack of omelette with aged cheese
– non organic beef cooked until soft in margarine
– couple of cups of coffee

As expected I did have slight reactions to most of these foods which are:
– acidity in gut
– sudden rising temperature
– threatening feeling spreading from stomach to rest of body
– bloating
– Upcoming fatigue

I get these reactions almost immediately. BUT since I’m taking MMS every 3 hours I am not giving the candida a chance to do anything. I take the drops and bam, the reaction is gone. Almost instantly. It feels like putting a hose on a fire. Raally cooling and healing. There is dextrose in my ashwagandha and maltodextrin in one of my probiotics and I got a reaction from those today. Took the MMS and felt better. The key I think is to not give the candida any chance to recover, so I keep bombarding it with MMS, flushing my system over and over. So the reactions get cut off before they can really manifest. This is the reason it has been going well the last 3 days. My appetite has increased too, really that comfortable growling sensation of feeling hungry, and it feels GREAT.

So… now that I know what works I have to focus on the next step. I am not sure what the best plan is, but I am thinking about introducing low sugar fruit to get the energy to exercise more. That would be pleasant and healthy I think, cause it would make me stronger and more fit to fight of the candida. I am even thinking about having oatmeal soymilk porrage as a try out. I don’t know, I feel like I’m on uncharted territory here. Bit lost on what to do now that its going well.

Any ideas or advice from anyone is very welcome on this 🙂