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Well, I mean it just depends on how you feel. I am not a professional, just a dude that’s been doing this for 25 days, LOL, but I would say that if you are getting a yeast infection, you’re feeding the yeast pretty well, and starting over with the diet might be good?

IDK, Able, raster, thoughts?

I don’t think it means you fucked up everything, every bit of progress is good (or I like to stay positive that way, anyway), but you know, you still need to keep moving forward with healthier choices.

Also, learning to eat garlic would be a really good idea. The detox drink is nasty, but if you can choke it down, it’s really, really helpful. Like instant relief of symptoms. Garlic is a hardcore antifungal.

I have had to learn to love a lot of things I used to hate as I’ve been dealing with these increasingly craptacular food allergies and whatnot from all this. You just kind of…do it. *shrug* There are some things I still can’t choke down (sauerkraut, ugh, so gross…), but I keep trying because I know that the more of this I eat now, the faster I’ll feel better and heal and be able to expand my diet to include more things I like.

I saw this hypnotherapist a couple weeks ago that said one of the best things I could do to “make the candida mad” is to tell it all of the positive things it’s brought to my life, since it seems so hellbent on making me miserable. My change in attitude greatly affected my healing process and things have been going much better since then. I like to tell it all about how happy I am that I learned how to cook for myself and learned to appreciate vegetables, even if they aren’t a quick fix of a cookie.

Also, with the test foods, it’s one food at a time, 2-3 weeks in, and test each for 2-3 weeks before adding another. And beans are I think 3 months? It’s quite awhile as they are difficult to digest and carby.