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sammcl wrote:

I don’t know how many of you know that Teeccino is a GREAT prebiotic as well as many other healthy things. I drink it daily with flavored Stevia and don’t even miss my coffee. It’s wonderful for digestion, helps with all kinds of stomach issues and has the most prebiotic in it possible. Currently I’m drinking the chocolate mint flavor which is REALLY good!

Edited to add: and before you say it’s got too many carbs, it doesn’t. One tablespoon has 4 grams and I only use 3 tablespoons to make a 12 cup pot. The benefits of the inulin is amazing. It’s got 650 mg. per serving. Yes, there are some almonds, figs and dates ground up, but all the ingredients are organic and I would imagine any mold from the nuts would be minute at best. It’s mostly made of chicory.
Inulin FEEDS probiotics which in turn will crowd out yeast. Try finding a better source of it.

It’s also gluten free.

I’d stick with Organic Chicory. It’s allowed and again a great pre biotic

And the taste SUCKS. There is SO little anything in this coffee, trust me. The way I make it, there’s even less calories or carbs in it because brewing a whole pot takes only 3 tablespoons and I drink half of that pot a day. So I’m getting about 30 calories in a day, which is like nothing even if there is a bit of carb. The benefits FAR outway the tiny bit of fruit carb and I’ve had no problems from drinking it. In fact, it will help you poop better, settle your stomach, and make things work MUCH better. It’s a good product. I will not give it up. If all I have to eat or drink is things that are boring and tasteless, I will NEVER succeed in what I’m doing and neither will anyone else.