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Haha thanks, so you are +/- for both COMT’s which means you have somewhat of a limited tolerance for methyl groups(sort of- it’s probably balanced by your VDR TAQ). As your methylation ramps up, you will produce more dopamine which will translate into more epinephrine and nor-epinephrine. COMT is responsible for breaking that stuff down. It’s not as bad as if you were homozygous though of course.

The MAO A +/+ is really complicated and I’m not too sure on it. Some people say it means you break down serotonin slower, and some people say it means you break it down faster, so I would look into this one if I were you. If you decide to take any supplements containing tryptophan or 5-HTP I would go realllly slow and spread throughout the day.

The VDR(Vitamin D receptor) TAQ you are +/+ for which means you will need more methyl groups to function properly. So the COMT and VDR are kinda complicated but it’s a good thing your VDR receptor is +/+ because it will keep you from over-methylating as easily and you will be able to handle more methyl groups. SO it balances out the COMT.

MTHFR C677T you are +/- so you will benefit from methylfolate, the best kind is a product which contains Metafolin. I don’t know as much about the A1298C but from what I’ve seen folate will help there as well. The MTHFR C677T is responsible for spinning the methylation cycle one way, and the A1298C is responsible for the other way. It’s pretty rare to be +/- and +/- in both mthfr’s but at least they aren’t +/+. Folate will definitely help! Also- Avoid anything with folic acid in it, it needs to be the L form of methylfolate.

MTRR you are +/+. This means you will not be able to make methylb12 very well. So your MTR won’t be able to work properly, this will raise your homocysteine levels and make a little road block.

The MTRR Generates the Methyl-B12 used by MTR to convert 5-Methyl-THF into Methionine.

The MTR Adds a Methyl group obtained from 5-Methyl Folate to Homocysteine (in a process that requires the presence of Methyl-B12, generated by MTRR), to form Methionine, which goes on to be converted into SAMe.

BHMT is sort of a shortcut to recycle B12. So it’s possible you won’t be recycling it very well and need more of it. Betaine helps this short-cut but also adds methylgroups.

If I were you I would skip the hydroxyb12 and go straight for MethylB12 sublinguals. Enzymatic Therapy is the best brand. You will probably also benefit from ADB12 made by Anabol Naturals. It’s good to keep them at a 1:1 ratio when you supplement with them.
I would just start them together and titrate up. You don’t want to start too low or you can create a paradoxial folate deficiency where your body wants more than your giving it. It works best for me if I split my doses up 2 or 3 times a day. I take it on an empty stomach 30 min before eating and take a b12 sublingual right after I’m done.

With the b12 sublinguals you have to use them right or it wont work. Stick the b12 tablet into your upper lip and hold it there for as long as you can(at least 2 hours is best!)

If you have time I would really recommend reading through this whole post. A guy basically took the good stuff out of a HUGE methylation thread and organized it.

Also if you have the money I would run the results through I think it’s $25 and it gives a ton of good info with clickable links.

What are your main symptoms if any now?