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It gives other info, like thyroid, detox, eye health, mold, immune system etc. And on each RSID you can click to see what other things are associated with a mutation of that gene. The results you already have from genetic genie are enough to get methylation going properly. The $20 panel is just more detailed in a lot of minor stuff, but it’s pretty cool.

Have you watched any of ben lynch’s videos on methylation? They are pretty good, I can give you some links if you’d like.

I’m writing a paper with someone else that I think explains a lot of this stuff and how it happens and should be posting it soon, but the root cause is generally hypochlorhydria. You have some symptoms of SIBO/SIFO. Do you get bloated or gassy? Lots of burping after eating?
Adrenal Support may help too if the ashwaganda and meditation help. High doses of vitamin C and Pantothenic acid help me a ton. I do 4+ grams 3x a week and 1 gram 4 days a week, and 1G of pantothenic acid a day.

Ever tried finding the right dose of betaine to take with meals? It will help with your BHMT mutation also.

I’d have your D levels tested pretty often since you have a +/+ VDR mutation. High normal is where you want it to be.