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kodaz2005;54430 wrote:

Its only $99, compared to other stuff that’s pretty cheap

Probably the best $99 i have ever spent in my life 😛

The next cheapest test I have seen is 500$ and the service seems equal. You might even argue 23andMe is better, as they allow you to tie in family members and relatives online so you can complete your family genetic picture and understand more about what diseases you may be prone to.

The process can be rather long at 6-8 weeks to get your results, not including the time needed to get the test kit and ship your sample back to them. Personally I would encourage anyone on this forum who doesn’t have their raw data not drag their feet and order the test now. I just found out that I likely have high levels of sulfur or possibly ammonia in my body that could be delaying me from improving. So many of the foods I have been eating on the Anti-Candida diet may have been causing me additional harm. Additionally, it’s your dna, not merely a snapshot of what’s going on at a moment in time so it could be of great use to you. It’s a bargain at 99$.

You should check out mthfrsupport. Their panel is pretty large, reports on alot more methylation genes and goes far beyond just methylation too for only $20. Theres so much info there. Im still learning about all the snp’s. Im seriously ready to pay someone to school me theres so much there. Also, save your raw data in a secure way, you might not be able to get it again in the future if some people have their way.