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Im well aware of it. Phosphatidylcholine is another good supplement for that. Any good choline source is really. Keep in mind what I pointed out in the shill thread when you are reading about the misses too.

Bringing someone up to speed on cfs in one thread, wow, not easy. You’re doing good though. Radio is awesome, you should read all of his threads at some point. And as far as what causes redox impairment, thats where rich’s theory comes in. If you followed shoemaker and fit that in you would better understand alot of it too. When you really get into the stuff we’re talking about and especially a little beyond it, it gets difficult to honestly 100% grasp all of it and comprehend the bigger complete picture without a solid background in physiology and biochem. Its over alot of doctors heads even. If you really want to get into it, get some textbooks. I really do think that you will have the majority of your health back soon and the clear head that comes with should help alot. You are on a solid protocol, once youve added in all the things you have (or said you were getting), get your mitochondrial support nailed down, and possibly add in something like VIP, I think you should come around. Thats the bottom line really.