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A quick search brought up niacin, I believe that was what I was trying to remember, havent thought of or found anything else. Its becoming well known that niacin helps those with schizophrenia (who are usually comt +/+), many are using high doses. Im not sure what form would be best for the purpose, but I can imagine that the amount of mast cell degranulation that would occur if using a flushing form would be hell on your condition. I would steer toward niacinamide if you decided to use it. Niacin is a methyl “quench”, meaning as it is metabolized by the liver it uses up methyl groups. This will in effect “demethylate” you, which should raise your requirement and tolerance for your methyl supplements. I have no idea what amounts or ratios are required to balance this out, or what other effects could be had from increasing any one of those supplements outside of their effect on the total methyl group availability in those areas of the physiology, when being used in that manner. I have read a couple things that suggested at least a couple specialists are using a methyl protocol combined with niacin, so it is not unheard of at this point. If you go down this road, please keep me updated.

Also, lithium orotate, 20 mg taken before bed, might be of alot of help. Read up on it.

For some, those two supplements have worked miracles.