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Keep in mind your limited capacity for methyl groups/vitamins as you add these things in. If you used those other vitamins you would need to stop the b-right. Check out Seeking Health (Dr Lynchs stuff) for your multi methyl vitamin needs. I like that one better than yaskos. Choline sup’s are major methyl donors, though im not sure how much they impact neurotransmitter status. Keep me updated on all your changes and your status/symptoms.

High 3 methylgluataric acid (also a leucine metabolite) is an indication of poor carnitine status. Carnitine production drops off when methylation status is impaired. I am looking further into the area of amino acids like that and also how they interplay with poor/good methyl status and methyl cycle derivatives, as well as what they can mean outside of that. Some of those zeros are a good btw if you werent aware of that.

I think adding in carnitine after adding in the hydroxyb12 would be a good idea. It could really wake up your metabolism. Then add a choline supplement after and see if you can tolerate that many methyl donors. Keep at least 2 or 3 weeks between changes. Patience is required here.

You could try the antiparasitics, I always liked the look of humaworm. Plus its cheap.