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Well I started the new selenium- I’m just starting slow with 200MG a day. I also got the new multi that ben lynch formulated. I took one of those yesterday. I’ve been depressed, irritable and just laid in bed the past 8 hours with no sleep/bad insomnia, I only slept for an hour last night. I don’t know if it’s from the selenium or the new multi. I didn’t think I’d have any reaction to either but it probably wasn’t smart to take them together. I was going back over the multi b complex label and realized it has 400mcg of methylfolate, the b-right I was on had a mix of folic acid and methylfolate. So who knows how much methylfolate was actually in it compared to folic acid. Plus the folic acid can compete and negate the effect of methylfolate. SO I’m not sure if I should take the complex again today and push through it or what.