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lonelygirl wrote: So I spent the money and ordered a GI profile from Metametrix labs. It did indicate that I have a yeast/fungi overgrowth of +4. This was not shocking to me. However what concerns me is that it says the taxonomy is unavailable. The interpretation they gave me is that I have some kind of rare yeast infection but it is not Candida or any of the other types they test for. My symptoms have been constant rectal itching for going on 5 years (ever since a six month period of daily antibiotics) and getting worse every day the past couple of years. Also excema on my fingers for one year since the birth of my son (I have read that pregnancy often exacerbates yeast). I have been puzzled and reading about parasites for the past three years and only six months ago did I stumble upon the yeast issue. I feel like I should be an expert with all that I’ve read in this time but know I am a far cry from it. Why does it all have to be so confusing?

The lab test I ordered was supposed to be able to test for yeast sensitivity to various antifungals. However they say they were unable to do this due to lack of growth in vitro. Major bummer…

My plan is to keep going with the protocol with a one exception. I went on the strict diet for two months and did not notice any change in my symptoms except when I cut out foods high in oxalates (probably related to leaky gut). Adding brown rice back in has made no difference. Anyone else have a similar experience?

How were your level of Bacteroides in feces ??