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Hey all,

I’m new to the forum, but not Candida, and.. a lot of other stuff. That aside..

In the never-ending research for my medical issues, I came across a paper on pub-med that said something to the effect of “they discovered at least 17 known forms of Candida and some of them had definite morphogenic properties.” So.. maybe that could be part of the issue with the test??

I’m leery to mention a product in my first post, but if you actually have parasites, try doterra CPTG essential oils. A lady we know put lemon and peppermint in her water for a couple weeks and pooped a ton of them out. Cheap and easy.

I’m curious about your oxalate issue. I have been experimenting with this a bit as of late. I’ll try and see if you’ve posted your symptoms on here, maybe I can help. usually, with the exception of very high levels in certain uncooked greens, foods with oxalic acid are not the main culprit for most issues. I thought steaming greens with medium to high content, reduced the levels substantially.. and it still keeps most the nutrients and enzymes intact.