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Floggi;55910 wrote:

Anecdotal evidence has value even if there isn’t scientific documentation about that matter. At the end, what candida sufferers WANT is to win this battle not to demonstrate if mercury is the real cause or not. This forum isn’t about scientific proof but to bring help and hope to those who needs to recover their former health.

Sounds nice, but you only address feelings. Not facts.

If there would be so much anecdotal evidence, then that would be a scientific proof! After all, science starts by looking what happens after you do X. You only have to look well, to count, and to report – that’s all.

Science often starts by collecting a lot of anecdotal evidence. Therefore, I do not understand your statement that “lots of anecdotal evidence are no scientific proof”.

Could you please explain?

Same thing happens with Chronic Candidiasis. The syndrome is real and is recognized by many prestigious MDs. Dr. Truss lived his life spending a fortune to show and convince the medical field about this disease. He found many obstacles on his way from those who favored the pharmaceutical industry and their own interests. There are many health conditions associated to an intestinal yeast overgrowth, still a majority of the mainstream medicine isn’t accepting it.
When I got sick, I couldn’t believe it. Since 1950, there is documentation about intestinal yeast overgrowth and the avalanche of remote symptoms it produces.

My main point with your position here is the fact that many candida sufferers have found the way to recover after chelation treatments. This is a forum to SUPPORT those who needs guidance.

With scientific proof or not, there is evidence left by sufferers during the years. There are people who don’t recover because they have impaired cell-mediated immunity caused by toxins. Mercury is associated to chronic candida cases. It is documented in books written by recognized MDs. Your position in this forum isn’t helping the readers because create controversy. It is the same thing if I tell everybody who comes here to find help that candidiasis is quackery because it isn’t widely accepted by the medical community.

Let people get their course and to find solutions when they need it. At the end, there is evidence, just anecdotal evidence left by many sufferers, about how amalgam removal and chelation allowed them to recover. There are many testimonies left in the web. Causalities are a few, but there are many cases repeating the same success. Do the rest of the sufferers have to wait until the FDA or science has the last proof about it ?? No, let them to declare victory without to be thinking about the unnecessary scientific evidence. Evidence don’t return health, the treatment does.!

You might be right about lack of total scientific evidence regarding the effects of amalgams on health, etc. But, the bottom line is there is anecdotal evidence that is more than enough for people who are suffering day by day. This is what you don’t want to accept.

Don’t interfere or create doubt when there isn’t too much more to offer. There are many who wants to be cured even if they need to follow an “unproved” chelation protocol.