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nikki;33611 wrote: thanks for the post dvjorge.

I need to discuss with my doctor about how to proceed next.

But, what do you think from the information you have?
Shud I first concentrate on chelating mercury, and then work towards eliminating candida completely?

or do you think both shud be done at the same time.

What I want to do is to relax my diet a little bit, until I remove the mercury, and then after that once again make my diet a bit stricter, and at the same time do enemas with Nystatin powder etc.

By relaxing my diet, I dont mean to say that I will eat sugar, simple carbohydrates etc.

I want to increase my intake of complex carbohydrates like Quinoa, Millet etc.
Because If I dont eat this I am loosing a lot weight.

I agree with you.
If you have mercury toxicity as an underlying cause, candida will be there do what you do. So, you can relax the diet and work toward removing mercury sources and chelating. This is a complex and delicate subject. I advice you to join the Frequent Doses Chelation Yahoo group and start learning. Don’t follow any Naturopath about chelation. Again, this is complex and there are only a few, very few methods that are really safe when mercury will be removed. I have bought books about the subject and I am a member of the group. Try to read and learn about Andy Cutler’s method.

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