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I am going to start a chelation protocol in the coming weeks and its going to involve taking cholera (might be mispell) and other supplements. My naturopath said I am going to start and stop chelation over a period of months, so I won’t be doing it continuously.

When you start chelation, it should only be done when your body is pH neutral according to my naturopath because if you are acidic, you will lose too many beneficial minerals. Chelation removes the good minerals with the bad if you are acidic in other words.

I started my alkalization therapy recently and trying to get my pH to 7.2 or so. I am at 6.8 currently before starting this, so it shouldn’t take very long. If you raise your pH too much, you get kidney stones.

Probiotics also remove mercury within the body as well as certain food sources such as pumpkin.

I would be concerned about other heavy metals as well, not just mercury.