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There is no evidence whatsoever that there is any relation at all between mercury, aluminum, or any other substance, and autism. If there were evidence, that would have been discovered by scientific research long ago.

Crackpot research is not reliable. You can easily detect crackpot research. Let’s take your little list as an example:

– The list mentions table salt. Of course not under that name, because then it would be recognized as a relatively harmless substance. Instead, it is mentioned by its chemical name. Why? Because it sounds more fearful.

– The list mentions thiomersal. Thiomersal is not present in childhood vaccines. It’s like saying “don’t vaccinate your children, because smoking cigars is dangerous to their health”. Of course, thiomersal is only mentioned to create fear.

– The list mentions MSG. The M means mono, it only describes the relative quantities of sodium and glutamate. The S means sodium. Sodium is a fully natural mineral that is essential for our health, even for our very survival. The G means glutamate. Glutamate is a naturally occurring amino acid. It is present in most proteins. Therefore, we consume glutamate daily (at least I hope you do) when eating fruit, vegetables, fish, and meat.

I just selected the three most obvious elements from your list. I could go on, but I think these three examples clearly show the intention of this list: NOT to provide information, but to bias, and to induce fear.

I also notice how you are gradually changing your argumentation. First, mercury was “the” great cause of autism. Now that it becomes clear that mercury isn’t all that dangerous, and not even linked to autism, you gradually change to saying “well, it’s not only mercury, it’s also a lot of other things”. This is a known way to always seem right: whenever you turn out to be wrong, instead of learning and admitting your prior non-understanding, you invent something else, just to sound right.

A strong case AGAINST any relation between mercury and autism (or aluminum and autism, if you like) is the fact that autism rates keep increasing despite an ever decreasing exposure to mercury and aluminum.

If you need another example, just take a look in various places in India, or along the African coast. Lots of our industrial waste, sometimes entire shipwrecks, are dumped there by evil companies. Local people are tasked with disassembling the shipwrecks, or taking apart electronics, or cutting open containers that have been used to transport chemicals. They are to extract anything of value.

Of course, those poor people are exposed to enormous amounts of mercury, aluminum, and lots of other metals. It wouldn’t surprise me if all of the stuff (except perhaps the biological things) on your fear-inducing list are prevalent in their working environment, in extreme amounts.

These people aren’t healthy. They have all sorts of problems. However, autism is not one of them.

Unfortunately, this observation is always concealed by alarmists.