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Floggi;55685 wrote:

Amalgam fillings have already been banned in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

This proves that Swedes, Norwegians and Danes have been made to fear amalgam fillings. It does not prove that amalgam fillings are bad.
I never claimed that as “proof”. You are misconstruing my statements. I brought up that fact because you had previously mentioned that no such guidelines existed. Clearly such guidelines do exist, just not universally. Once I pointed out this fact, you decided to change your argument.

This is what you originally posted:

If the evidence would be so clear, there would be official guidelines. In reality, such guidelines do not exist.

So which is it?

Floggi in post no. 1 states: If official guidelines exist then the evidence must be clear.
Floggi in post no. 2 states: If official guidelines exist then it’s not because of evidence, but irrational fear.

Floggi;55684 wrote:

Toxicity is passed on by mothers, generation to generation. There is a cumulative mechanism at play here.

Nice theory.

This is not a theory. This is common knowledge. Why are mothers taught not to drink or smoke while pregnant?

“Two new studies have provided even more evidence that toxic chemicals used in everyday products contaminate the bodies of pregnant women, who pass the chemicals on to their fetuses before birth.”

“The Harvard and CDC scientists and their collaborators recently published research that examined chemicals in 15 mother-child pairs, measuring to what extent the chemicals cross the placenta and reach the fetus. They measured a total of 87 chemicals and found nearly all of them in both mother and fetus.”