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Tdog333;55397 wrote:

Linking decreasing thiomersal to increasing autism is a terrible argument. Look at all the GMO foods being consumed now, toxins everywhere, loss of nutrients from foods, increasing genetic mutations, especially with MTHFR. These factors when they accumulate are bad. Look at deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, common soaps used in households, cleaning supplies.

So now you’re suddenly switching to an entirely different cause for the increased prevalence of autism?

Some people repeat over and over that thiomersal is the biggest cause of autism. As soon as the situation turns out to not that worrying at all, you quickly switch to a different enemy.

how is it possible that the prevalence of autism continues to increase, while the number of vaccines that contains thiomersal continues to decrease?

This has been addressed multiple times already throughout this thread. The number of vaccines that contain thiomersal may have decreased, but the number of vaccines given has increased.
Please don’t stop halfway the story.

Your point above has been addressed indeed. But after that, two questions were asked.

First question:
Given that the number of vaccines that contain thiomersal has decreased, and the fact that the number of vaccinations has increased, what is the net effect on thiomersal exposure to children? Has that decreased because nowadays so few childhood vaccines contain thiomersal? Has it increased because children receive more vaccines than yesteryear?

This question remained unanswered.

Second question:
In my country, childhood vaccines contain no thiomersal (there’s one exception, which we can go into if you like, but I think it’s irrelevant). In addition, the amount of vaccines given to our children has not increased. This means that our children are not (or, in exceptional cases, hardly) exposed to thiomersal anymore. Still, the prevalence of autism is increasing. How do proponents of the “autism is caused by thiomersal” myth explain this?

This question remained unanswered too.