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ThomasJoel2;56340 wrote: A recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) reveals that an astounding 97 percent of children affected by a mumps outbreak that swept the Northeast back in 2009 had already been vaccinated for the condition in accordance with recommended government guidelines.

You’re quoting only half of the information. Would you mind if I mention the other half?

Note that I’m not contradicting anything you say. I’m just offering our readers the whole picture, instead of just some carefully selected parts. Surely you wouldn’t object to me adding some information, would you?

In fact, your example is a great one! It shows how the anti-vaccination scam puts people like you and me in real danger.

Let’s look at what happened. Children have received vaccinations protecting them against mumps for many, many years. For a few generations, mumps was completely under control, the disease was virtually non-existent.

Then, as the article says, something changed. What could that be?

  • Was it a change in the vaccine?
    No, it wasn’t. The vaccine remained the same. True, some additives were removed, thiomersal being the most important one, because people developed a fear against it. But the removal of thiomersal did not undermine the effectiveness of the vaccine.
    [h]So, the vaccine didn’t really change, and it remained as effective as it had been for generations.[/h]
  • Was it a change in the mumps virus?
    No, it wasn’t. The mumps virus is still identical to the mumps virus that swept the population in 1900. No mutations have been observed, no other changes have been found.
    [h]So, the mumps virus is still exactly the same virus. It remained unchanged.[/h]

Yet, the situation is now clearly different then just a few years ago. Until recently, vaccinated children used to be safe. Now, that safety is endangered. [h]Something must have changed![/h]

WHAT could that be…? WHAT has changed?

Now we come to the heart of the issue.

The [h]only[/h] thing that has changed is the emergence of anti-vaccination scams, and the consequent drop in vaccination rates!

This is the important point that anti-vax scaremongers are deliberately hiding. Vaccination rates are dropping, and that means that group immunity is no longer working.

Until very recently, due to the fact that everyone co-operated and took his share in the vaccination effort, vaccination rates were high. Therefore, group immunity greatly helped protect all of us against the mumps virus. Thus, the vaccine was a mild one. It protected most of those that were vaccinated, while those that were vaccinated but didn’t develop true immunity were still protected through the collaborative group immunity.

But now, the anti-vax scare is gaining ground. Vaccination rates drop. Group immunity is affected. All of a sudden, people that used to be protected and that want to be protected, are not protected anymore – only because of the undermining activities of some conspiracy theorists!

Note that the article that you so nicely quoted (though only half of it) does not say that 97 percent of vaccinated children got mumps. Instead, it says that of those few children that did get mumps, 97 percent were vaccinated. This is a very important difference. It is this difference that proves how the anti-vax movement broke the colleborative group immunity:

  • Until recently, those few that were not immunized by the vaccination were still protected through group immunity.
  • Now, those few that are not immunized by the vaccination fall victim to the undermining of group immunity by a careless minority.

We see this happen for more diseases than just mumps. Undermining our collaborative protection forces us to either use more potent vaccines, or to vaccinate twice instead of just once. Both increase the number of side effects of vaccination.

It’s like shopping at Costco. If everyone pays what he buys, prices will remain low. But now, the anti-vax movement is telling people to take things without paying, and society lets them do these things. As a result, ever more people just don’t pay for what they take from Costco. If this would happen in reality, Costco would either go broke, or they would have to increase their prices, putting a larger burden upon those sociable customers who duely pay for what they take home.

Exactly the same thing is now occurring with vaccinations. A growing group refuses to pay their fair share, yet they like to benefit from group immunity. We, as society, now have the choice: either the system goes broke, and no-one will have any protection against any disease anymore, or those sociable members of society who duely take their share of the burden will have to put up with a larger share, as vaccinations will have to be more potent (and hence more risky), or more frequent (which also increases the risks).

That’s the question society is facing today: will we allow the scare-mongers to gain ground, so that preventable diseases will once more have their devestating effects on our health, just like in the old days? Or will we come to our senses?