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As I said, in my country the number of vaccinations has been stable for many years. That means that the number of vaccine additives to which our children are exposed, is stable too. If there has been any change, it would be a reduction in the amount of injected additives, because vaccines have been continuously optimised. But I expect (no knowledge, just my personal expectation) this to be minor, so let’s assume that the amount of injected additives has not slightly decreased, but has been stable.

Despite the unchanged amount of injected additives, autism has been on the rise.

Which means, in my humble opinion, that the rise in autism has nothing to do with the unchanged vaccination practices.

Another reason for this conclusion is that we have our own local “bible belt”, where people are very reluctant to have their children vaccinated. The number of autistic children in this “bible belt” is identical to the number of autistic children in the rest of the country.

This gives us two reasons to conclude that the rise in autism must be due to a different (yet largely unknown) cause.

Your statement that the symptoms of autism and the symptoms of mercury poisoning are similar can be extended. There are many tropical toads that secrete a kind of skin slime that is neurotoxic to birds and mammals. When humans touch such toads, they are poisoned. The symptoms of this poisoning are similar to those of autism.

If your reasoning is correct, we might suspect that somehow, either these poor autistic children or their parents touched too many poisonous tropical toads. Does this mean that you now propose to further investigate this correlation?