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dvjorge;30958 wrote:

I have heard about many cases like your case. You are a classic case of someone who has not taken antibiotics and developed a mucosal yeast overgrowth.
It is just mercury toxicity that has affected your cell mediated immunity allowing the yeast to flourish.
You need to chelate mercury in order to overcome the yeast infection.

The immune system is so important controlling the fungus that I know about cases where the yeast has gone after chelating without taking any antifungal.


Hey, Jorge

A test shows high levels of mucosal candida “infection” which makes sense considering my symptoms. haven’t tested mercury levels as of yet but, have a hard time understanding how I could have gotten high mercury levels other than fillings – but, most my family have silver fillings and don’t have any issues so why would my situation be any different than theirs.

I’m a bit worried about chelating at this point until the Dr consult on my Tsh T3, T4 and RT3 later this month. Last thing I want to do is put any more stress on my endocrine system …..

It is strange through, why Candida would be high in the Igm but within range on the others?……

As always, many thanks for your input and consideration in sharing your research. Appreciate it kindly.